Mr Balding arrives in Hong Kong

Moving to Hong Kong ? Do it NOW !

I left the UK to fly to HK on a frosty mid-October morning in 1989. Weather-wise, that is the ideal time of year to be in Hong Kong -- not too hot or humid, and plenty of clear, sunny weather. Every time I got a letter from home they'd tell me of the wintry weather, and I'd feel that I'd definitely made the right choice to come here. Every day seemed like an English Summer's day, and the good weather lasted well into December.

I've always enjoyed living here, and have wondered how much that sunny start has to do with it ? I know for sure it would have been different if I'd chosen May to arrive. That is the time that the UK is starting to get some Summer days, but the time when HK weather is starting to get unbearable. A definite bummer to arrive and be thrown straight into HK's Summer sauna.

If you get the chance to visit Hong Kong, or you're moving here for a longer stay, do yourself a favour & pay us a visit in October / November time.