Buying a Digital Camera in Hong Kong

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My trusty digital camera died last month. I used it regularly for taking photos of ToddlerB, and photos for this site, so I wanted to buy a replacement ASAP. As an update on the price differences described previously, here is a range of local prices for a Canon Digital Ixus 40.

I started at Fortress in Sheung Wan, where you'll get the official (and lucky!) list price of HK$2,880.

Next I asked the nearby Citicall on Queen Victoria Street, who quoted HK$2,730, and on the same street asked at Wah Kiu which quoted HK$2,600. The comparison is not exact, as Citicall included 2 x 128Mb memory cards, while Wah Kiu only offered 1 x 128Mb.

Canon include a 16Mb card in the box, which is good enough to prove the camera works, but not much else). I'd already decided that a) I wanted a much larger card, and b) that I'd buy a fast SD card so I can use it for recording videos. So the bundled cards above useless as they were too small, and probably the slowest they could get away with.

A day or so later I was in Wanchai and visited the 298 Computer arcade on Hennessy Road in Wanchai. The shop I am most familar with quoted HK$2,530, but then I was quoted HK$2,460 at another shop on the same floor. Both prices were for the basic camera with the bundled 16Mb card. I stuck with the cheaper shop, and added a 1Gb card and a spare (clone) battery, for a total of HK$3,290.

All the above prices included the official local warranty, so there was no difference in reliability of buying from the different shops.

In 298, both shops also offered grey-market imports ("soei faw" in Cantonese), which would save another HK$330. However their shop warranty has a 7-week turnaround in case of problems, and only lasts as long (1 year) as the official warranty, I decided to stick with the official version. (Again as mentioned in the longer article, if you are a visitor buying to take it home with you, the official HK warranty is probably meaningless to you anyway. In that case the cheaper the better.)

I've had the new camera for a couple of weeks now, and love it. When I bought the previous camera, I'd decided that I'd sacrifice features and lens quality for something I could easily carry in my trouser pocket. That way I'd be likely to use it a lot more. The first one I bought was an earlier Digital Ixus model, and I was very happy with it.

The new Ixus 40 is thinner, but still very solidly built. It has twice the resolution (4 megapixels instead of 2), better functionality, screen and user interface. I'd happily recommend it if you are looking for a digital camera.

I did wonder about reliability for a while, thinking that my first Canon had died after only 3 years and six months. I was comparing it with older 35mm film cameras that seemed to last forever. But then the Canon had had a fairly rough life, and I'd taken over 6,000 photos with it, so I figure that three and a half years life is acceptable.

The other thing that I've been pondering is how these new cameras and low memory prices will affect video camera sales. This little camera will take around ten minutes of reasonable quality video on the 1Gb memory card - similar quality to watching a VCD I guess. Given that I'm just catching moments of ToddlerB's life rather than making a movie, the camera seems to be doing just fine. It will be interesting to see how often our video camera gets used over the next twelve months.


Re:Buying a Digital Camera in Hong Kong


i'm going to stop over hongkong international airport this coming september. and i'm contemplating on buying one of the digital cameras below depend on the availability and price.

Canon Powershot SD850 IS (Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS)
Canon Powershot SD750 (Canon Digital IXUS 75)

would anyone of u can give me the average price of these cameras?

thanks in advance

Visit the fortress website

here and search through the digital camera section. The models aren't exactly yours, but you can compare the prices for the models they show with the prices at home to get an idea. There is a Fortress branch at the airport.


Canon S5 IS

Would you have any idea how much a Canon S5 IS would cost in HK? Where would be the best place for me to purchase it? I'll be in HK this week and am seriously thinking of purchasing one. Hope you can help me. Thanks.


Canon S5 IS

Usual story - first visit the fortress website to get the price. If you're happy with the price and don't want to spend much time shopping, find the nearest fortress shop to your hotel, and buy it there.

If you can't resist a bit of comparison shopping, and have an hour or so to spare, you can head over to Central on HK island and do a short walk stopping at Fortress, Citicall, Wah Kiu and Kinefoto shops. Here's a map of the shops. (Each shop is one red marker, click the marker for details)


i want to sell 400D

hey i want to sell 400D (Kiss digital) in reasonable price coz i need money for my treatment. camera has got extra battery and new battery grip(BG-E3) as well as 2gb memory card while the camera is also new. my no. is 66769490, live in jordan. you can call me to see my camera. Please do it as soon as you can. i need help.

Canon EOS 450d

My family and I are going to Hongkong in May and first on my list to buy the Canon EOS 450D. I've been reading a lot of reviews of shops there like New Sankyo, Man / Wing Ching and others but I'd really like to know from you guys over there where I could possibly get a good deal on this camera. This is our first time in Hongkong by the way.

Don't buy 450d

I bought Canon Eos 45o and this camera has a problem. I reported today to Canon customer centre

It's impossible to see ANY picture on the lCD screen, only the seetings appear when using
automatic and half automatic functions.

They should withdraw all these cameras from the market.

Fujifilm Finepix S9600 or S100fs

I live in Ireland, am currently staying in Guangzhou and I plan on a trip to Hong Kong. I would like to buy a Fujifilm Finepix S9600(known as 9100 in US) or S100fs at the best price of course. I am a little worried about warranty and I don't know where would be the best place to buy it. Any ideas?? Thanks a million.

Canon EOS 450d

I also strive this camera! and an uncle will be in HK next week and asked him to buy it.
Does the purchased in HK? How much do you cost? In what store?

did he

did your uncle buy it?  if so, how much, where, what store. etc.