Gorgeous Asian babes

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Gorgeous Asian Babes?

There have been some heated discussions at Batgung-central on this topic. Will pictures of good-looking young ladies bring us more traffic ? Alienate our equally good-looking lady readers ? Attract even more of the gun-toting viewers that call this site home ?

Well, the customer is always right, and the pictures of bamboo and skylines obviously haven't been hitting the spot. So, welcome to Batgung's first technicolour video presentation:

We'll be watching those traffic statistics carefully,



Gorgeous Asian Babes

Your technicolour presentation is very good; well done!:D However I prefer the skylines and the other pretty pictures that adorn the pages of this site. I wish they were a bit bigger: some of them seem to burst out of their frames (the bamboo tunnel is a good example - it looks as though there ought to be more picture...) but that means more money and I have heard internet sites can be prohibitively expensive. In any case, following your link gave me the whole bamboo picture which was comforting! :)

It's interesting to read the histories behind each of the banner pictures. The one of the chickens hanging always seemed a bit abstract to me, but your comments made it much more entertaining, and the view towards Lamma Island seemed more beautiful after I read about it. In addition, there were several that I hadn't seen before when I followed the link, so thanks for putting that there. Has it always been around and I've missed it?

Alas, my visits here are for neither the skylines nor your gorgeous Asian babes (beautiful though they are...!) but the photos you have put up do make a refreshing change from the constant barrage of adverts that other sites seem to require. Keep up the pictures! :D

How dare you..

I read your site at work and it's completely inappropriate material. How dare you show so much skin blown up to full video size with occasional giggles?? Now my colleague thinks I am a pervert! Well they always thought I was one anyway but that's not the point. You illustrated it. It's all your fault!


She's actually very cute ^^. Congrats man!

She's adorable....you

She's adorable....you haven't alienated this lady reader!!

Babes & banners

Bronney & B, glad you liked the video!


In addition, there were several that I hadn't seen before when I followed the link, so thanks for putting that there. Has it always been around and I've missed it?

That's an old page, so there are plenty more banners now. Just click on any banner at the top of the page and you'll be taken to a page for that banner. Some have a description and a map of where they were taken. Then just follow the "next" and "previous" links on that page to see more banners.

"some of them seem to burst out of their frames" Yes, the banners are all the same size, so they are cut always out of a larger photo to try and fit the banner shape the best way.

regards, MrB