What's new on the Batgung website


Change in appearance of comments

You'll see a change in the appearance of comments from today. Previously they were displayed as a 'threaded list' where replies to other comments are placed immediately below and slightly indented, forming an outline.

Today we've changed to a 'flat list' where all comments are displayed flush to the left side, and comments are listed in chronological order.

The downside is that it can be more difficult to link replies to earlier comments. The benefit is that it will be much easier to find new replies on long threads (just go to the end of the thread). Also there won't be any of the deep nesting which sometimes made it difficult to read.

Thumbnails on photo map page pop-ups

Now when you click on a marker on the photo map page, the pop-up window displays a thumbnail copy of the photo. You can click on the thumbnail to see a larger copy of the photo.

Photo map page remembers centre & zoom

If you zoom in on a certain part of Hong Kong before selecting the date range (eg zoom in to Central, then select years 1850-1950), the photo map page now remembers the area of the map you were looking at when it shows the results. Hopefully it makes it easier to use.