Hong Kong- How Long?

Just like to say i love the site, very funny! Was wondering if you could help me with something. I'm going on holiday with my girlfriend to Beijing in the summer (july) and want to travel down to hong kong after a bit of exploration.
Getting to HK is not a problem i was just wondering how long i should stay in HK for? I sometimes find places a bit repetitive after a few days but if there is enough to do then that is not a problem. Any advice would be great. Also if there is anywhere off 'the beaten track' that i should make a point of going to then i would love to hear it!

Thanks very much

How long to visit Hong Kong ?

Hi Chris,

Tricky question, as it all depnds on what you like to do. I've met people that say "two days for shopping" is all they need. On the other hand after two weeks visitors are usually running out of things to do.

I'd suggest 5-10 days is right for most people. Maybe some of the places listed here will give you some ideas on how to spend your time: [url]http://www.batgung.com/articles/visitors.htm[/url]

Enjoy your visit,


Re:Hong Kong- How Long?

thats what i was thinking. Thanks very much, will do, cant wait actually.