Batgung Homepage issue


Does anyone know what this is?

 Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 262144 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4864 bytes) in /home/batgung/public_htmldir/includes/ on line 866

Whenever I click to your home page I get that message, however, clicking on the RSS feed in my browser (bypassing the home index page itself) presents no problem.

Don't know if it is my machine/connection or something wrong with your server. has anyone else experienced this?



re: Batgung Homepage issue

Hi Phil, I'm not seeing any problems here, whether using IE or Firefox. Does it still happen for you? Is anyone else having problems?

That looks like a server error, and the relevant setting is controlled by our hosting company. Hopefully it was a short-term error while they changed something, but let us know if you still have the problem

Thanks for the heads-up, MrB


maybe just me?

actually I hadn't realised that my comment (above) had posted properly - when I pushed the "Post Comment" I just a page full of SQL insert warnings and everything stopped.

I'm still getting homepage issues but perhaps it is just me being rubbish (and to think I worked as a programmer for 12 years LOL).

 I'll let you know if it gets resolved.




EDIT: this post comment worked fine

problem has gone

today is the first time since I posted the issue that I have been able to load your homepage. Not done anything my end so have your server guys found a problem and fixed it or is it just one of those things?

back to normal anyway.

re: problems

Phil, the fatal error you described seems to happen when they expand the capacity for one of the settings. I see that has been changed recently, so I think it was a shortlived problem.

But, I've also seen the SQL errors a couple of times this week, and I've just had a message from the hosting company complaining that we're overloading our shared account. I haven't seen any big increases in traffic on our logs, so I'm wondering what's up. We'll have to dig in to this a bit more.