What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

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What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

We drive on the left in right hand drive cars. This is a British thing. In fact our traffic lights, road signs, markings, etc. are exactly as they are in the UK. China drives on the right like the US which makes things interesting for cross border traffic.


Note also that switching sides of the road for driving isn't really a big deal. I learned to drive in the states, on the right, and thought I might have a lot of trouble at first driving in HK. That wasn't the case at all in practice. Your brain simply flips everything around quite automatically -- at least mine did, it seemed . I actually found it harder to adjust to being a pedestrian here than to being a driver, since when you're walking across the street, it seems to be easier to forget which direction you need to check first for oncoming traffic.


In China they drive on whichever side of the road they damn well feel like at the time, and roundabouts are a free-for-all.

Thankfully I've only ever been a passenger, and that's scary enough!

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

:lol: too true Chris....i've been a pedestrian and a cyclist...and it was pretty hairy!!!! 8O

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

Yes...I remember do my best impression of the old 80s game "FROGGER" while crossing the roads in Guangzhou as a pedestrian.

Mr V.

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

damn. can't spell.

That should read 'doing' :lol:

Mr. V

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

Very true - it is easy to swtich. When living in the US,and frequently flying back to HK or to the UK I was always changing sides. Some people do get confused and pull out wide when they are in a near turn for example.

I alweays tell people this. In general, whatevery you do when turning at a junction, make sure your body is on the inside and you will be fine. That seems to work for everyone who tries it if they are in danger of getting confused.

Which side of the road?

I have a different and odd experience...

When I came here in mid 80's, the switch over was as automatic as Mr. B or Mr. Tall described.

However, once, while coming out of a car park in Tokwawan [old airport area], I started driving on the wrong side.

It all seemed OK to me until I saw couple of cars coming from the opposite direction.

I was able to go about half a kilometer without any oncoming traffic because there was a traffic light ahead and the cars were waiting.

Needless to say I had to park on the side and wait for the traffic light to change while I turned around within two lanes.

Fortunately there was not a single policeman in sight.

As far as China is concerend, I always drive in China, in fact, I drive from Hong Kong to China and the switch over [now] is pretty easy.

Besides, in China no one cares which side you drive as long as everyone can pass by.

I think I like that :-)

P.s.: Mr. Tall, I am back with yet another user profile. Still RonBach but this time without spaces. Hope I don't screw up again.

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?

I have a Dutch driving license and have had it for many years.

Will I need to do an driving exam in HK to get a HK driving license? Or can I simply apply for an HK license? Or will I simply be allowed to drive with my Dutch driving license?

I really hope I wont have to do the exam again in HK :(

Re:What side of the road do people drive on in Hong Kong?


I was able to swap my UK license for a HK one. (I got a UK license by swapping my Irish one for it.)

Check out www.info.gov.hk and look for the transport department section. That should tell you everything you need to know.


driver's license

Yes, my US one worked the same way. And the best news is that a HK license is good for 10 years.

It's a good thing I didn't have to take the test, by the way. Mrs Tall had to sit for it here, and the whole process is a travesty. 'Driving', according to the examiners here, comprises exactly three skills: making a three-point turn, parallel parking, and avoiding ever, ever, EVER making a hand-over-hand turn of the steering wheel. You have to shuffle your hands along the wheel like an arthritic nincompoop to pass!