Funny T-shirts spotted in Hong Kong

A number of interesting shirt-based slogans spotted recently:

  • Embroidered on the pocket of a young man's otherwise ordinary-looking button-up shirt, one word: 'Bitch'.
  • 'Lord of the Funk-Dunk Underground', on a fifty-ish man with spindly legs and a sunken chest.
  • 'World's Greatest Mom', on another fifty-ish man with spindly legs and a sunken chest. I've also seen it on a teenage boy, and a gentleman so advanced in years I dare not hazard a guess as to actual age. I am still awaiting my initial sighting of this T-shirt on an XX-chromosomed life-form.


T-shirt slogans

The post I'm commenting on here goes waaay back through the mists of time to the origins of, but I couldn't resist resurrecting it after seeing one particular t-shirt this morning.

The wearer: 30-something woman; very normal-looking.

The t-shirt: a grey sweatshirt; not at all revealing or exceptional in any way; except . . . .

The slogan printed on the back: 'Too orangey for PORN'