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Import duty on cars

Great site-we are moving to Hong Kong soon and this has been a great source of information. I need some help with one thing pse:My wife and I are considering moving our car with us. We understand that we will have to pay import duty on the "taxable value" of the car. Does "taxable value" mean the value at which I actually bought the car (we just bought it second hand) or is it the value it would retail at according to the car dealers' guides?

taxable value

your first port of call, then surf this site.

According to this, “the taxable value is calculated on the basis of the published retail price or provisional taxable value assessed by the Customs and Excise Department”  

If I were you, I would not ship the car over.  We drive on the left hand side of the road, as in UK.  Moreover, we have a comprehensive public transport system & most people make use of it.  The price of petrol on the street is HK$ 16.5 per litre, parking is not easy and isn’t cheap either. Unless your car has special meaning to you, otherwise you are better off to buy a new car here, if you really want to “enjoy” the driving.