Ode to a Chaan-teng

A chaan-teng is a restaurant,
For fast food Hong Kong style;
Pull up a stool! Brush off a roach!
Sit down and stay awhile.

Its floors are rank and sticky,
The air is full of smoke.
But listen to your tummy!
The food here is no joke.

Haute cuisine you will not find,
But there's plenty that is nice,
Just so long as you enjoy
Dead critter bits on rice.

Noodles, though, may be your thing,
They're here, in every type.
With squid balls for a topping,
Or maybe steaming tripe.

To wash 'em down you'll need a drink,
But don't look for fine wine;
A beer or tea is good enough
You eat here, you don't 'dine'!

Your waiter may be cranky,
His manners not the best,
But you'd also be unhappy
Dressed in that filthy vest.

So come down to the chaan-teng;
You'll find you like it lots,
Just remember one small thing:
Be sure you've had your shots!