What's missing from the Hong Kong job market?

A quick glance at the immigration website says that in order to get a working visa, you (or your employer) have to prove that you have a talent or something which is not readily available in Hong Kong.  My first response to this was "Such as?"  With the stereotypical Chinese being a very high achiever, is there much left, other than TEFL, for a foreigner to be a specialist in?  Sorry, I don't mean for this post to come off as a rant, but there don't seem to be many answers to this question on the web.  Thanks! :)

That's the usual

That is the case any where you go.  You should try getting a work visa from the US.

I know it's the usual, but my

I know it's the usual, but my point is that the statement, "You need a skill that is in demand" is not very helpful.  What skills, other than English, are in demand?

This is an old post, but

This is an old post, but thought I'd reply in case anyone else stumbles upon here.

I wouldn't worry at all about what skills or talent supposedly are "not readily available" in Hong Kong. All you need to do is find a company in Hong Kong that's willing to hire you and they will take care of the rest, certainly if it's a foreign company.

I've seen people get jobs/visas here with no prior experience in their field. I myself arrived and was asked for all kinds of things like reference letters - didn't have any and didn't matter, I still got my job/visa.

Generally all you need is a company that is willing to hire you. As for the government, bureaucrats here are mostly process-oriented and concerned with ticking off boxes. But push comes to shove and they generally won't stand in the way of business.