Hong Kong daily life

One of the challenges of living the expat life is getting used to day-to-day differences you can't really prepare for. Here we provide some thoughts on all the 'little things' that make daily life in Hong Kong so interesting -- and occasionally infuriating.

The Hong Kong property market: how to win big

If you want to be a player in the Hong Kong property market, you'd best read what follows carefully, because it's a crazy game.

Here's the first problem: property in Hong Kong is grossly expensive.

That's fine, you say -- once you can afford some, it'll appreciate in value, and you'll have a nice safe fat investment on your lucre-dripping hands.

Well, maybe in normal places, but not here.

First off, we've had a little property market crash/recession problem. This too shall pass -- we hope -- but the days of buying a flat for HKD500,000 and selling it ten years later for 5 million are gone, and simply won't be back. Read more »

Hong Kong's economy

The socioeconomic systems of the world can be classified into two rough camps: the paternalistic, and the maternalistic. Read more »

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