The next Macarena ?

If you are reading this from outside Asia, I'm curious to know if you have to watch the Nami-Nami advertisement :

It appears on our buses, providing occasional diversion from the stream of "I used to be fat, unhappy and wear ugly clothes, now I am slim and successful" slimming ads we get forced down our throats. (Batpo has more to say about those.)

The TVs on the buses have thankfully been silenced, but I can't read the subtitles so I found it hard to work out what their little dance was all about. MrsB says it's somehow related to the wavy symbol which means ....

Well, maybe. I think it's really answering the unspoken question "What are the chances of me popping out of this if it doesn't have straps ?". In Asia... well the chances were never going to be high, but maybe it's reassuring to their customers to see the ladies jumping up and down with no ill effects.

How about the three stars of the advert ? What does the future hold for them ? Having the Nami-Nami dance as your claim to fame doesn't seem like an auspicious start to a career in the movies.

It's the end of a busy Friday, time to ponder these weighty thoughts with Mr Tall over a pint.