Hong Kong Mortgage

Here's a company I've just come across for the first time in Hong Kong: [url]http://www.gecapital.com.hk/[/url]. I've only used banks in the past for mortgages, but their advert for Prime-3.2% caught my eye.

We're currently looking at an old building (37 years - I know, in any other country that isn't old) to get more space for the $$$, but in general they are not so easy to get a morgage on.

Sure enough, Hang Seng Bank, who keeps sending me marketing blurb that I'm a preferred customer of theirs, only offered me an 8-year mortgage of around 60% of the asking price.

GE Capital offered a 28-year mortgage at 70% of the asking price, with the offer of a higher % if I wanted it. They "only" offer Prime-2.8% on buildings over 30 years old, but it is still a good offer.

Nothing is signed so I can't say if it will all go as smoothly as they say, but they seem worth a look if you're in the market for a mortgage.