8 Fine Irishmen Pub

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Ground Floor, 8 Observatory Court, TST

If you start at the Knutsford Steps end of Knutsford Terrace, walk along the Terrace to the far end, turn up the hill, then almost immediately turn right into the cul-de-sac - that's Observatory Court. The pub is near the end on the right side. Note it has two entrances, so if you're meeting someone and they're not in the first part, walk along a few more steps and try the other.


Try the chips

We were at a different pub last night, and a friend was waxing lyrical about the chips at 8FIP. It's true, they are well work ordering.

Now one of the minor confusions of living in this multi-cultural place is not knowing quite what will turn up if you order chips in a pub. American 'potato chips' in a bag? (What we Brits call 'crisps'), Or skinny McD-style french fries? Or the chunkier versions (ie 'proper chips') you get in a UK chippy? Or potato-wedges covered in some strange coating?

On our last visit to the 8 fine irishmen we were served a bowl of freshly cooked crisps/potato chips. Thin, hot, fresh, crisp, not a hint of grease about them. Yum.