Padded bras

We've mentioned padded bras in the past as one of the foundations of Hongkongness. Gweipo has just blogged about their side-effects - first, the disappearance of any signs of a nipple from public view. Something lamented by men across Hong Kong.

Second, and of more interest to the ladies, the difficulty of finding any non-padded models. She reports that even the previously reliable Marks & Spencers seem to have switched to all-padded.

I wonder if that's M&S everywhere though, or just for their Hong Kong stores? After all this is the part of the world where shops stock Nippless, and girls in the swimming pool wear baggy T-shirts over their swimming costumes.

Anyhow, if you know of anywhere that stocks bras that are "No frills and lace. No padding. No lining. Not too bulky.", please leave Gweipo a comment.