Hong Kong tap water

Ok, an even less exciting topic than usual, but I'm pleased to report we've got clear tap water for the first time in 10+ years.

It's always been safe, despite MrsB's claims that drinking it un-boiled will give me plague. But peering at a murky orange-brown cup of water is never very appealing.

No more! We had new water pipes installed last month, and since then all has been crystal clear. Our flat is only six floors from the top, so I never believed that such a short length of pipe could produce so much rust. Instead I assumed that the water in our building's tanks was already brown. But replacing the old (the building is 14 years old, so they weren't ancient) iron pipes with new copper pipes has made a huge difference.

It's a lot more pricy if you do it on your own, because of the cost of putting up the scaffolding. In this case the floor below was being renovated and had the scaffolding in place, so we joined a couple of other flats to change our pipes and share the cost. Final cost was around HKD5,300, and if you get a similar chance I'd jump at it.