Getting into a "good" school

This whole topic is one that I just don't feel well-equipped to handle. It seems to be a natural part of local life, and something that parents expect to dedicate a large part of their lives too. But where I grew up, the town had one secondary school, take it or leave it !

Just like Mr Tall, I've also heard my fair share of strange stories. The most basic is moving to live in an area that has a selection of good schools, to raise your chances of getting into one of those schools. If you remember the advertising for the Belchers (great name !) housing development, a lot of that focused on the schools that surround it, and the opportunities it would give your children if you moved there. One of my ex-colleagues moved over here to Western when her first child was born - she didn't want to live here, but was attracted to the local schools. Her kids have ended up going to schools in Aberdeen and Wanchai, because she's been unable to get them into local secondary schools, and she's wishing she had stayed living where she wanted to.

Maybe thse children didn't make the local schools because of their academic performance, or maybe not. Another of our colleagues is completely open about the fact that from the day his son was born he paid a fair sized chunk of money, sorry "made a generous donation" each year to the school association where he wanted his son to study. His son is in that school now, and dad considers the money well spent.

So, do we relax about Baby B and believe everything will turn out alright in the end, or get started plotting before it's too late - another piece of advice we've heard is how the correct choice of kindergarten is essential to get you on the right path to your chosen secondary school and so into a good university, the right job ....