Educational Elitetism!

Hong Kongese have always enjoyed showing off their wealth and riches - they flaunt it as they drive their mercedes and Rolls Royces. And what better way to flaunt than sending your offspring to the most prestigious school in HK?

The Harrow International School opening in September with a starting price of $HK 106 000 to 145 000 and then a compulsory purchase of  buying a HK$3 million individual capital certificate, which can be transferred among parents, and buying individual debentures worth HK$600,000.

Both are non-interest bearing and can be refunded if the child fails to win admission.

The debentures, but not the certificates, are also refundable six years after the pupil starts school.

A third option is to pay an annual capital levy of HK$50,000 - for up to 13 years.

But heh this is an investment for the future citizens of HK. In the same breath these same people are investing heavily in the purchase of London properties. Now there's an interesting thought - children were often sent abroad for a better education but now you can stay at home and get it - but has it got the same ring as Cambridge, Oxford or Eton?