The Chauvinistic Toilets of HK!

I was amused and not surprised to read recently about the ratios of male and female allocated toilets in HK. [the HK Standard].

Although the current planning ratio is 1:1 it appears that this is largely ignored on the grounds that men are more actively present in and around town than women? Perhaps they are thinking back to the days when women sent their amahs out shopping and stayed at home painting their nails?

The democractic party is calling for a ration of 1:2; now how on earth can that be democratic - 1 male toilet to every 2 female toilets? favortism I call it!

A 2005 government note recommending the washroom ratio be bumped up to 1:1.25 was largely ignored, with only 49 building projects voluntarily following the suggestion up to the end of March.

Did you know for example that there is a HK Toilet Association with a male President who conduct their own studies and have found that female tourists are creating the demand for more toilets and that they use them for 40% longer than men? What do they do in those toilets - not re- painting their toe nails surely? He also suggested that toilet facilities or lack of them is a barometer to how civilized the society was?

Hmm - 15 and 20 min waits at female toilets will seem bliss compared to how long the Govt will take on this one!