Returning to HK to work as part time visitor

I am a UK citizen who lived & worked in HK for 3 years to mid 2010. I was sponsored by a large HK company for the visa, and was an employee. I had had a permanent resident's card for the duration

Prior to that I made many business trips to HK for a multi-national, as a visitor. Some of these were several weeks duration.

I have been offered some fixed time consultancy work in HK in 2012 - probably  just a month or two. I would intend bill for this work through my consultancy company in UK i.e. it would be a company to company contract agreement

Question arising:

  1. Could do this work just as a business visitor (i.e. no work visa)? In this case what limits would apply to visits?
  2. Or can I use the engaging company to sponsor me and arrange for a visa. I would not be an employee though

Your thoughts & comments appreciated