Thunderbirds (Are go) and other kids TV/toys

My kids are hooked on the Thunderbirds (as in Internation Rescue) and whilst we were able to get Thunderbird 2 and Tracey Island toys from Toy Club, they don't have the other 'birds. Anyone got any idea where I might find them. The manufacturer is, as always, based in Hong Kong, but seems to have no idea where the toys go - or is unwilling to help me.

It always strikes me as strange that for all my Bob the Builder, Thomas and the like I need to go to the US/UK to get them when they're manufactured here. Toy Club obviously suffers the same problem as I think they get them from US/UK. Does anyone know if there are any factory outlets or list of manufacturers that sell these toys in HK. It's got to be a good business to get into.

Also looking for Thundercats and He-man. Come-on I can't believe I'm the only one in Hong Kong who thought all of these were cool. :wink: Being anonymous is cool.

You know you're getting old when shop assistants look at you and say wasn't that a type of car :( Same girl asked me how to spell Flash Gordon :( :( I think I'd better go start a 'You know your old when...' thread.