Things to see and do

The Batgung introduce you to Hong Kong's best-known -- and a few not-so-well-known -- tourist attractions, from an insider's point of view.

Sea urchins at Deepwater Bay

If you're heading to Deepwater Bay at this time of year, you'd better take some waterproof shoes if you plan on paddling or swimming. Otherwise expect to spend the evening digging sea urchin spines out of your feet.

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Where to learn Tai Chi in Hong Kong?

If you’ll be living in Hong Kong for several months or longer, why not learn Tai Chi? As a memento of Hong Kong, it’s much easier to take home than Chinese furniture, and it’s good for your health too!

There are a variety of courses on offer. You can choose from further education centres (e.g. YMCA), fitness centres (e.g. California Fitness), or even the free sessions run by the HK Tourist Board. But if you’d like to make some local friends at the same time, and can be a bit flexible with your schedule, there’s another option. Read more »

Chinese New Year activities in Hong Kong

Another Chinese New Year has come around in Hong Kong, and it’s left me yet again with some mixed feelings. In that spirit, I’ve assembled a ‘thumbs-up/thumbs-down’ list of Hong Kong Chinese New Year stuff.

The flower markets. Perhaps the single most famous attraction in HK at CNY are its massive ‘Lunar New Year Fairs’, which everyone calls ‘flower markets’. Read more »

Finding a good Chinese restaurant when you're in Hong Kong

If you’re planning to visit Hong Kong, you’ll no doubt run into someone who’s lived here, or you’ll read a guidebook or website, and they’ll all tell you the same thing: you’re going to love all that great Chinese food in HK! It’s the world’s best!! Read more »

Peak panorama

You've definitely seen the view from the Peak Tower, but have you ever walked along Lugard Road to get the the full harbour view? Here's a preview:

Sidetrips from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a great place to visit, and there’s lots to do.

But if you’re coming to Asia for a visit from a long way away, it’s likely you’re going to want to stay for at least a couple of weeks to make the flight worthwhile. So is there enough to do in Hong Kong to keep you busy all that time? Well, maybe, but it’s not what I would advise. A fairly comprehensive look around Hong Kong might take you (depending on how hard you want to push yourself) from five to seven days. If you’re in Asia for longer, you will likely want to consider making one or more of several possible sidetrips from Hong Kong. Here are some options. Read more »

Where to change money in Hong Kong

If you are visiting Hong Kong you’ll probably need to exchange currency at some point. I've listed several options below, but in most cases simply withdrawing money from a local ATM is the easiest way to go. Read more »

Entertaining young children in Hong Kong

The boundless energy of a young child combined with the small size of a typical Hong Kong flat means you'll soon be looking for somewhere to take them out. Miss B Sr. is now two years and nine months, and lists her current favourites as: Read more »

Visiting Hong Kong: frequently asked questions

So you're thinking of visiting Hong Kong. Read more »

Deep into Temple Street

As we've mentioned in our tourist guide for Kowloon, Temple Street has a lot more to offer to the close observer than just market stalls selling cheesy souvenirs and designer knock-offs. This article gives you quite a bit of background on this old and interesting area. Read more »

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