Getting Married in Hong Kong !


I wonder anyone can help us with some information.

My partner and myself are planning to get married in Hong Kong in
September 2004.

What are the processes for us to do this ?
I'm a British Citizen living in the UK and she's an Australian Citizen
living in the UK.

Do we need to be resident in Hong Kong for a period time ?
Or can anyone pass me any information that we need to arrange this all

Helpful advice etc all welcomed !

Planning to stay at the Peninsula and hire a Junk to do the ceremony or drinks - party post wedding.

Re:Getting Married in Hong Kong !

Hi JM!

Congrats with your marriage!

My wife and I also got married in HK in november 2001. It was great!

I'm not quite sure what kind of ceremony you will have there. Church ceremony? City Hall ceremony? or just the wedding banquet?

In case of a church ceremony and/or banquet, you don't need to be enlisted in HK at all. For a city hall ceremony you will need to register in HK for at least 2 weeks before the wedding. This is due to your pre marriage period.

The big question is.... do you REALLY want to go the city hall way since you both live in the in the UK? Also, if I remember enlist yourself in HK for this perpose, one of you needs to be HK ID card holder (but I'm not sure).

In case of a church ceremony.....start organizing this EARLY! There's alot of official formalities to take care least that was our experience.

One note of advise though....don't go crazy with the HK wedding rush. If you do, you'll end up spending twice your budget for the wedding. Weddings are a BIG thing in HK and there's a huge wedding industry surrounding it.

Other than that, it's great!

Feel free to post more questions here. I'll be happy to share my experience about this.

Good luck!

Re:Getting Married in Hong Kong !

Hi Gary

Thanks !

It won't be a church wedding that's for sure - but I guess we do need to sign a marriage licience at some point !

What's the deal with a civil ceremony - the dumb idea that I came up with was hiring a junk boat and getting married on that !

Bare in mind that I have no idea how any of this works even in the UK :) !

Re:Getting Married in Hong Kong !

ok, clear...

Don't have an official wedding ceremony in HK then. It will be way too troublesome.

We did the church ceremony in HK, but did the official cityhall ceremony for the certificate back here in Holland.

This is definately not something you want to hear now :roll: , but definately a point worth considering... In case of divorce you want to deal with that in the UK....NOT! in HK! So definately get your wedding certificate in the UK.

About the junk....this is also something we considered for our wedding...however...many people in HK warned us not to do this as you are very much dependant on the state of Victoria many other boats are there at the moment...position of the wind determining the type of waves, etc. Perhaps some other people have some handy tips about this. Of course, it also depends on your wedding... will you fly over all your relatives (like I had to :roll: ) then the junk plan might be too risky and unpractical. However, if it's just the two of you or a small group...the who cares! It would be fun!

Getting married on a boat in victoria harbour was really something I would have loved to do...but since my wife is from HK, she insisted on having church ceremony in her own church and a wedding banquet ....HK style!!!$$$$$

Hope this info helps.

Feel feree to ask more questions :D


Re:Getting Married in Hong Kong !

Here are a couple of links about UK people getting married in HK :

I've also got a vague memory of reading that the government was going to start promoting more flexible marriage services, so you can get married where you want to, instead of at the government offices. I can't find any mention of it though - does anyone else remember ?

Some friends of ours had their marriage in the US, then had the local party here on a junk. They had a great time.


Re:Getting Married in Hong Kong !

i got married AND divorced in hong kong :roll:

getting married is much easier though....register, wait 2 weeks, attend one of the marriage registry offices...i'd recommend cotton tree drive as being the most personal of the buch (having attended marriages at city hall and cultural centre)

not sure about being married on a junk, you'd have to find someone authorised to do that and i've not heard of that happening....but then again it's been 10 years since i did the deed!!

i've always thought...get the paperwork over with quickly and with the least fuss...then just have a damn good party :D

getting divorced while time consuming wasn't that big of a court attendance, not contested mind you, and we agreed on everything....then just wait for it all to go through

at the end of it all is this crappy bit of paper, standard letter with your personal info inserted....kinda makes you want to get up and sing that song....'is that all there is? is that all there is?'

wherever, whatever you decide JM, all the best for a long and happy future together

getting married!

hi there,
Im jacky citizen here in toronto, canada. I'm planning to get married in hong kong with my fiance who is residing in the philippines. Neither of us is a H.K resident..I got married in the philippines but was divorced here in canada..I cant get married there again for i have to go on with annulment that would really cost maoney and time. Somebody advised me to get married in H.K. It is possible for us to do that? All I want is a valid marriage certificate so i could petiton my fiance here in canada...please i need advised for this..thank you so much

Hong Kong marriage for non-residents

The government's website has a page about marriage registration. It says 'There are no residential requirements on the marrying parties.', so it looks as though you can get married here without any problem. You should contact them directly to be sure.

Good luck, MrB

getting married in hongkong

can somebody gives me detail informations about how getting married in HK?
me and my spouse are having different religion and it's something that can't do to get married in our country. what's the legal paper that i should provide? and how long does it takes to get married there?


Details on the government website


church wedding in hk

Dear JM,

I am planning to get married in HK next year (2008) and both of us would like to get married in a church. Can you share your experiences with this? My finace and I both live in NYC so would we have to arrange with a chruch here to liase with a church in HK since we both do not belong to church there?

Thanks for your help and any advise.


getting married in hongkong

hi there,

just wanto ask some info about getting married in hogkong, we are both residing here in the philippines. we are planning to visit disneyland and have our wedding there in hongkong. what are the thing we need to comly and furnished to get married there. hope o hear from you soon.thanks

See the government web page

See the government web page listed above for details.

Regards, MrB

info on marriage in hk

hi ima filipina,my bf and i are planning to get married in annulment is still in the process here in the philippines and i will take sometime before a decission is given..will i be able to get married in hongkong with the love of my life?please give me some info..


The government website mentioned above lists this requirement:

Divorced person/widower or widow

*In the case of a divorced person, proof of the dissolution of the former marriage by decree pronounced by a competent court is required; and before the marriage takes place, a sealed certified copy of the court's final decree must be produced to the Registrar.

So it looks as though you'll have to wait for the annulment first. But it's always best to check with the govt department if you want to be 100% sure.


Jacky we have same problems

Hi Jackie!

How was your plan on getting married in Hong Kong? Since you are not annulled yet here in the Philippines? We have same problems if you don’t mind please share it to me how it works in you now!? I was married before but we already separated for almost 5 yrs ago. And now i found a man that willing to marry me since I’m not annulled here yet i can’t marry here in the Philippines because due to our shit law. We plan to get married at Hong Kong by January 2008 do you think it’s possible I’m Filipino and my men is French! Please share to me i really need your advice thanks and god bless you!

getting married in hongkong..???

HI i just read some of the comments and questions here in ur page. i just want to ask some questions regarding getting married in hongkong (civil wedding). my fiance and i are planning to get marry this april 2008 but unfortunately he is previously married also to a filipina here in philippines. Their divorce is already in process filed by the ex wife in United states .The ex wife is an american citizen. We really like to get marry here in Philippines but divorce is not recognize here so we dont have any choice but to go to the other country and get married there.

Is it possible for both of us to get marry in hongkong even without the divorce paper? we dont have any idea when will the papers be available.Hoping for ur reply my filipino fiance will be coming this april ... thanks in advance.

marriage in HK

KT, please see the reply to r0se above.

getting married?

HI sir,just a follow question...

is this family code article 26 applicable to our case?

Article 26 of Executive Order No. 209, as amended, otherwise known as the Family Code of the Philippines, insofar as pertinent provides:

Where a marriage between a Filipino citizen and a foreigner is validly celebrated and a divorce is thereafter validly obtained abroad by the alien spouse capacitating him or her to remarry, the Filipino spouse shall have capacity to remarry under Philippine Law.”

Since the ex-wife is an american citizen and she is the one who filed the divorce in united states. Do they still need to file for annulment here in philippines?

thanks in advance... hoping for ur reply...

getting married?

Sorry KT, I don't know the answer to that.

Unless another reader can help give you an answer, you are best to contact the relevant government agency in the philippines to be sure of getting the right answer.

Good luck, MrB

Luis, were you able to get married?

Hello Luis.

Did your marriage in Hong Kong push through last January?

I want to marry my girlfriend. We're both from Manila. However, my girlfriend is married and her marriage is not yet annulled. And as you know, there is no possibility of divorce as well.

Can I marry a married person? Can this be done in Hong Kong?

I know that one of the entries in this thread said that there has to be proof that the marriage has been dissolved. I would like to know your experience since we have exactly the same situation.


Please advise

Hi! I am also interested in getting married in Hong Kong however, I am still married here in the Phils. Kindly share any information you have. Thank you and best regards.

getting married!

Hi jacky!How was your marriage in hongkong?Did it really happen?
Please tell me what you did and if it really worked out.We have the same situation.

getting married in HK (civil)

hi my fiance en i are planning to hab a civil wedding in HK, were both Filipino citizen and want to do it in HK..can u plz help us bout the requirements we nid, wer to do it, wer to go en how much? we nid to hab the identity card or do we nid to be a resident in HK..and how long is the preparation were planning to be wed this May...plz help us and tell us all we nid to know plz plz plz....thanx

Getting Married in Hong Kong

Hi there,

I believe you may get everything you need in this link:



dear Rose, we have the same problem. Im just wondering if you were able to get thru with it? did you guys get married already? how & what did you do? did they ask for any papers or they don't really care much in our case. I would really appreciate if you'll reply, thanks

Hi Anonymous !

Hi Anonymous !

Unfortunately we didn't made any wedding yet last January but went to Hong Kong to spend vacation! fortunately I've already done my annulment here in Philippines the process is so quick as long that you have the financial to support to those case. and now we are saving again for our wedding to HKG hopefully soon... yes you are right in your case it's not possible to get married @ HKG they will back check the NSO and if they will find out you will be black listed of course u don't want to be on that situation! but if you have any connection maybe you can try something else.. let me hear from you now how was your plan working by now? well I'm just sharing what is my situation by now sometimes its nice to have idea from other to learn more,



Hi i just want to know if how did you manage to get married with a french guy.How di you find the solution to annulled ue marriage with the filipino guy.I wish you can give me some advice.thanks a lots

Actually, my problem is i

Actually, my problem is i didnt annulle my marriage in philippines yet.But then,my ex husband is willing to annulle our marriage too.Anyway we separate for 7 years already.and he have his own family now.So i want to have my own family as well.but i want to get married with my future my question is what are the requirements for the annulment.And how long it will takes to voide the marriage so that i can remarry.Im self employed.So i dont have problem on my job.


Luis,could you please give me the requirements needed for annulment?How did you manage to annulle your marriage.

annulment in the philippines

hi luis! i just want to ask how fast was your annulment processed and around how much did it cost you? my fiance is leaving and we want to get married before she leaves but she is still married.