Getting Married in Hong Kong !


I wonder anyone can help us with some information.

My partner and myself are planning to get married in Hong Kong in
September 2004.

What are the processes for us to do this ?
I'm a British Citizen living in the UK and she's an Australian Citizen
living in the UK.

Do we need to be resident in Hong Kong for a period time ?
Or can anyone pass me any information that we need to arrange this all

Helpful advice etc all welcomed !

Planning to stay at the Peninsula and hire a Junk to do the ceremony or drinks - party post wedding.

Hi Luis and Anonymous

Hi Luis,

So you mean to say to be able to get married in HKG, both should have single status in NSO? My boyfriend status is still married but already separated from his former wife and now we would like to get married in HKG. The annulment cannot proceed yet to the former wife thus we consider to wed in HKG. So it is not possible? Please help.

Hi anonymous

As regards your question whether you can may a married person,,the question is can marry any person you like..

the question that you should be asking is will your marriage with a married person be valid..the answer is marriage will be null and void since you married partner has entered a bigamous marriage..

assuming you get away with the marriage requirements in HK or in any marriage will still be considered void here in the philippines..

the solution..your married partner should get an annulment or declaration of nullity in order validly marry another person again..



how can i get married in hongkong city hall, I'm from MANILA


I am 24 yrs. old same age as my fiance I'm just wondering how can we get married in HONGKONG if we are living in MANILA, PHILIPPINES? We planned to get married there this coming DECEMBER 2008.
However, we had been there once to visit Hongkong Disneyland for one day and thats it then we went to Mainland China and Macau the following day, basically we are really not familiar with Hongkong..

Please let us know and give us complete knowledge:

1. What are the procedures?
2. Where is the exact location of HONKONG CITY HALL?
3. HOw can we get the certificate if we are staying in HOngkong for only 4 days?
4. If we get married for example today, when can we get the Marriage certificate?

Thank you very much for your help!,
please email me:

Get married at City Hall

To find the answers, start here, and if you need anything clarified you're best to contact the immigration dept.

Good luck, MrB

re: getting married in Hongkong

My boyfriend and i are planning to get married in Hongkong due to the fact that there is no divorce in the Philippines. I am an australian citizen and working in London. My question is that if we get married in HK can i process the paper of my boyfriend in HK in order to join me in UK. I want to know the papers i needed to file in HK British High Commission.

re: getting married in Hongkong

i was wondering if somebody can help me with this. My boyfriend is still married in the Phils. and cannot get the marriage annulled can we get married in HK.

getting married in hongkong

i have read your message that it is possible to marry anyone eventhough the person is still married. my partner and i plan to marry in hongkong but i am still married in the philippines. my ex and i spearated 4 years ago but we havent gone through annulment process as i plan to divorce him here in canada where i am already a permanent resident. i really dont mind if my marriage to my partner will be null and void at the moment, we can get married later when my status permits. we just want to get married (just for romantic purposes...of you may say...haha) and i was wondering if there is a way for us to do that? I would appreciate any advise. thanks

Married in Philippines, Marry again in Hong Kong?

As we've seen this question several times, it's worth directing readers to the Philippine e-Legal Forum. Among the many topics they cover, they look at divorce and annulment in the Philippines.

Also see the Hong Kong law relating to Bigamy.


Maarige in Hongkong



We're planning to celebrate our wedding in Hongkong. Does anyone here experience wedding in hongkong. I just want to know if they require to go personally before the wedding day or is it ok to go there on your wedding day only? Hoping to hear from you soon.




Marriage in HK

See 'overseas notice' here.

Be married in HongKong

Hi Neth,

Are you really interested in getting married in HongKong? We can help you make it possible.

To give you an idea, if you want to get wed thru a civil celebrant, it will cost you as much as $5,105.00 HKD. You only have to go to HK at least a day prior to your wedding to appear before the city hall registrar. But you need not worry in preparing all documents. Feel free to contact me for more information.


Hi... did you already merried


did you already merried you gf in different religion in Hongkong?

how is the process?

please let me know?

Thanks before 

How to get married in Hongkong

hi im a filipina, my bf and i are planning to get married in annulment is still in the process here in the philippines and i will take sometime before a decission is given..will i be able to get married in hongkong with the  fiance? he is ang american single. please give me some info..


I think you need to wait the decision of your annulment before you married again......


hi jacky,just found your message regarding getting married in hongkong and i think we have similar positions,as i to want to marry in hongkong and also my partner is from philipines and im from uk,i guess your now married as its 2009 and u message was dated 2007,so would it be possible for u to give me any imformation about getting married in hk,what documents i need,how much it cost and how easy is it all,im planning just a register office and nothing to fancy,i just want my license as im in the same boat as u were back in 2007,trying to get my girl freind into uk,as they say a once u married its easier to obtain visa,so i would be greatful if u can message me back,i would be so pleased to know more about this.thanx,TERRY

HK marriage

Hi Gary,

I just read some of the comments on this blog, and I have some questions about getting married in HK.

I'm a Filipina and my fiance is an american. We are planning to get married sometime next year. Maybe March. But I'm not sure what are the documents/ID/ forms  needed to get marry there. We are both confused so we can;t set the exact date of marriage..(sigh)

Also, please advice some links on forms and documents needed. 

Thank you so much.


re: HK Marriage

For information about all the forms / documents / etc, please visit this Government web page:

hi i just wanted to know if

hi i just wanted to know if in what place have you filed your annulment? i've been planning to file it but i was afraid that it might take longer than i expect... needed some advice about it... thanks... 

info to marry in HK

hi im a filipina, my bf and i are planning to get married in hongkong because annulment here in Philippines takes a long time for processing and cost a lot of money but we want to marry asap. will i be able to get married in hongkong with the love of my life? please give me some info.  thanks


Good day  ,
First of all , I found your website in google and together with your emal address.
So I must straight to the point what I really need to know is an information about
marriage in hongkong . My fiancee and I is planning to get married in hongkong
we already have the necessary documents needed , but I still have a lot of questions.
Based on what I've read in your blog , I thought what we prepared with my fiancee
is enough but I still need to know more.Since you have the experince already , I would
like to ask , first we are planning to marry in city hall , but my question what do you mean by
hk id card , do we need that? and I have no idea what is hk ID card. 2nd in regardless about
the form we had now is it really needed for me to go in hongkong consular or chinese consular just to legalize my signature i mean what they call authentication by a notary public my form.3rd do we need birth certificate each one of us , 4rth how much does it cost for evrything approximately. I  am hoping to get a respond from you,I would appreciate it so much , my fiancee is german while I am filipina .
Thanks and God bless...

marrying in Hongkong

I hope you could give me helpful details regarding this matter..but first of all i would like to greet you all a warm hello. I am married here in the philippines but been separated for 8 years now..i already filed an annulment but we havent started with a hearing yet..i just want to know IF it is possible for me and my bf who is a foreigner to go to Hongkong and get marry there? Thanks and God bless.

info help on marriage in hk

hi help please! i am still married in the philippines,in civil state. but i got married twice to the  same  guy, one is  Muslim and civil wedding  and had gone to divorce already with the musliam wedding devorce and been seperated with him for the last 8 years i am still planing to get the annulment but its so long and expensive , now i found some one to marry with  , Is my  divorce in muslim wedding will do ? for the paper works  of being recognized as a legal divorce paper with out the annulment paper. since the HK gov., recognizes the  divorce? PLEASE HELP !  thank you .