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I've spent quite a while trying to find an answer to this question, so I figure its time to actually ask someone. I am a registered nurse from the US, and am interested in finding work in Hong Kong. Thing is, I have no idea how to find a way to switch over my licensure(if even possible) or find a clinic/hospital to sponsor a working visa. How do I best go about this? Any and all advice is much appreciated!


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The Nursing Council guidelines are a good place to start. Can anyone else give advice on where to look for work after that?


Thanks for the of yet the info. seems just a touch confusing, but I suppose if worse comes to it I will get in contact with someone at the HK nursing council.


i am a doctor..Essentially

i am a doctor..Essentially the answer is


1.sorry but no one will sponsor you to come to hk to work in in this field and even if you could find a sponsor i doubt immigration would approve it

i presume you dont have hk id card

you could basically only come here as a dependant or start in another field that will allow you to be sponsored then swithch jobs or maybe as a student get licence here you need to sit the nursing board exams which foreigners have done -they have a choice english and chinese..if you pass you need to serve your "  nursing internship" which is unpaid and like slavery but it is do-able;it is a year or so i think


good luck anyway