Dental Work in HK

Anyone know how much braces cost in HK vs the U.S.? The cost I'm being quoted in the U.S. is $5000.00. If it's a lot cheaper, I'm thinking I'll get them in HK and find a dentist back home to do the adjustments.


Sort of on a related note.. does any one have recommendations for a dentist for general check-ups in HK? Last time I visited a dentist in HK, the check up and cleaning took about 10 minutes end to end, I was not impressed..

Hong Kong Dentist

MrsB has visited Warren Cheng, 5/F Manning House, 48 Queen's Road Central, (tel : 2526-2628) for several years. I've been along a couple of times too. No complaints about the service, but I don't remember the check and clean taking more than 10 minutes either.

As long as the check & clean seems thorough, I'm happy to be out of there quickly. What are you used to with previous dentists?



I think with dentists it has a lot with what you are prepared to pay and how many frills you want as well! My dentist is very nice and has all the latest gadgets, including a cringeworthy magnifying camera which projects onto as screen so you can see just how badly you brush your teeth! The dentist does the check up and cleaning is done by the oral hygienist. My check up was pretty thorough and took about an hour including a preliminary clean. For the kids they also have a TV on the ceiling and lots of DVD's and a very friendly attitude. She's with Dr. Costello in Coda Plaza (Dr. Pattie Siu, but I think the whole practise is pretty nice and good so if you're in a hurry I think you could take someone else), has a waiting list of about a month. Including 2 x-rays it was about $1500, which is not cheap, but comparable to what I paid in Europe.


I don't need a lot of frills and gadgets, but I suppose I'm used to cleanings taking about 30-45 mins, so I was pretty surprised to be out of there so quickly. I really felt that the guy I visited last time (in North Point) did a really rush job - it's actually a little amusing in retrospect - he seemed to clean only every third tooth or so.

Thanks for the suggestions - I'll be making an appointment soon!