Dragon Boat Festival

I am planning to visit Hong Kong (staying in Wan Chai) for a week next week. It appears that there will be many races around Hong Kong. Which would you recommend going to? Any tips for how to get close to take photos? Transport? What time to get there to secure a good spot? Thanks! BTW I love your site. I lived in Hong Kong as a young child many many years ago, and your site brings back lots of vivid memories :o) vR

Dragon Boats

Sorry to say I haven't been along to this for several years, so I've had to resort to a Google. The Tourist Association has a good list of the main events, including times & how to get there. They have a day tour available if you don't want to worry about the details of getting there, and want a good seat.

Also take a look at the website for the Stanley races, looks like that will be one of the biggest.

Can anyone add any recent experiences?


Stanley races

This year my office joined the Stanley Dragonboat Race. You can really get up close to the action as the racing dragons actually land on the beach upon hitting the finishing line, and of course the beach remains open to the public. Good one to see indeed.

dragon boating

The Gweipo family will also be dragon boating racing in Stanley this year ... apparently the races start at about 8.30 am and go on to about 6pm, after which the real partying begins. Most corporates have junks moored out in the bay, so if you've got corporate type mates it's worth husseling them. Otherwise the beach is public and free. Definitely take public transport as getting too and from Stanley any other way will be a nightmare on the day.