Jobs and visas

We Batgung are not immigration experts, but we can help answer some common questions about employment terms and conditions, and getting work visas in Hong Kong.

How can I get a visa to live in Hong Kong?

If you currently live overseas and want to live in Hong Kong, you’ll need to apply for a visa. Here are the main options available to you.

Voluntary work in Hong Kong

Not surprisingly, most voluntary work in Hong Kong needs you to speak Chinese. Still, if you have some free time and want to volunteer there are options for English-speakers. I'll describe one of them, a place I spent some time at last year. Then I'll also list some other groups that are looking for volunteers.

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How do I get a work visa in Hong Kong?

Question: I'm not a Hong Kong permanent resident. If I plan to come there to work, do I need a work visa? How do I get one?

Mr Tall replies: The simple answer is yes, you certainly do need a work visa if you're not a Hong Kong permanent resident. And no, you can't apply for one on your own. You must be sponsored by a company that is willing to employ you, and to go through the trouble of seeing your visa application through the approval process at the Hong Kong Immigration Department.

The Immigration Department makes the decision on the following grounds:  Read more »

Can I just show up in Hong Kong and find a job?

Question: I know it is very difficult to answer "Can I get a job in HK?" questions, but hopefully this one is generic enough to be workable. I work in IT (several years of networking and unix experience, good certifications, etc.). But I don't speak Cantonese, so will that get in the way of finding an IT job?

Mr B replies: First, you need a visa to work here, or you must already have the right to live and work here. If you need a visa, and you don't speak Cantonese, then unfortunately I think you'll find it difficult. (See also our article on getting a work visa.)  Read more »

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