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We Batgung are not immigration experts, but we can help answer some common questions about employment terms and conditions, and getting work visas in Hong Kong.

immigration procedure for an additional part time job in Hong Kong

Presently I'm working in Hong Kong as a full time staff at Hong Kong PolyU. I want to know about the procedure to follow for the immigration clearance, if I plan to take an additional part time job in the University.

Advice much appreciated re moving to/working in Hong Kong!

Hi all, I've just joined the site as I've been admiring it as a source of info for someone who loves Hong Kong for some time! Read more »

Your first job in Hong Kong

How did you get your first job in HongKong?

Some of the most popular pages on our site are about finding work in Hong Kong. So if you didn't already have a permanent Hong Kong ID before you started working in Hong Kong, how did you find your first job and visa? We're hoping your stories will help others who are looking for ways to move to Hong Kong.

MrB's story Read more »

Chances of Getting a Work Visa

I have recently been offered a job in Hong Kong in a medium-sized company with branches in Asia and consisting of mainly expats. They are now in the midst of applying for my work visa. I do not have prior work experience in the field however I had more than 5 years of working experience. I only hold a Diploma in Business but had working experience in Asia and China. However, I do hold some certificates on Finance which is the industry I'll be working for. Although I understand language is not the main issue here but I do speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. Read more »

Applying for HK Working Visa


I am a British Passport holder currently working in London and I have been asked to think about a position with my organisation in HK - the idea of this excites me very much, however I have tried to do some research about applying for working visas in HK, not for me, but my fiancee and I'm not sure things are in our favour. Read more »

Changing Jobs in HK

Hi, I have a working visa and am currently working in HK.

My question is, how easy is it to get another job, (or is that a silly question)
I think I mean that given that I've already 'proved' I'm employable under immigration rules etc then is it easier to get another job

Getting a Job in HK

I am a 26 year old Chartered Accountant from Melbourne Australia looking to move to Hong Kong and work.

I dont have a HK ID as my parents were already naturalised in Australia at the time of my birth so i will have to look for a company to sponsor my visa.

Im having a little difficulty at the moment as most recruitment agencies i am dealing with aren't really considering me as i am not in the country or they think its too much of a logistical hassle for them.

As the recruiters aren't really helping me at the moment im not sure whether i should: Read more »

Help wanted please.


 My name is David Harris and in a few months l will be going to Hong Kong for a holiday.I have never been before but am drawn there more than any other place.

 I would like to find a job out there and stay for a long time.At present l run a chemical tanker depot in Manchester,England which repairs and cleans out the tankers.I have run this deot for over a year now but want a change and just moving to the next company does not really interest me.If l am to make a change it has to be big...and so here l am...looking at this site,my first one,for some advice. Read more »

What do you do?

I don’t have a job.

And it’s ok, really. Read more »

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