Changing Jobs in HK

Hi, I have a working visa and am currently working in HK.

My question is, how easy is it to get another job, (or is that a silly question)
I think I mean that given that I've already 'proved' I'm employable under immigration rules etc then is it easier to get another job

Changing jobs in HK

The government's answer is here:

Change of Employment

28. Persons who have been admitted under the GEP ['General Employment Policy', MrB] may apply for change of employment provided that he/she continues to fulfil the eligibility criteria under the GEP and is employed in a job relevant to his/her qualification and expertise.

I guess you're asking if an employer will be more likely to hire you than if you were applying from overseas?

I'd give a qualified yes. Certainly the fact that you're already here means your new employer is likely to at least read your application [see the catch-22 here, where agencies won't take you seriously until you're in Hong Kong, but you're supposed to get your visa arranged before you arrive in HK]. And they won't have to worry about babysitting you to get accomodation, etc arranged.

But they'll still have to apply to immigration on your behalf to get a visa, so you're more trouble to employ than a permanent resident.

Good luck, MrB

PS Does anyone know how the actual transition works? If you leave the first job is there any grace period in which to find a second job? Or do you have to have the visa for the second job arranged before you leave the first? Or...?