HK Immigration treatment of long term foreign "perpetual visitors"

Hello all,

First, I'd like to say this site is wonderful... it gave me many a good tip, tidbit, and chuckle when I first arrived in Hong Kong as an expat about 3yrs ago. Read more »

Permanent Resident Employment 'Rights'

You read a lot about employers only being allowed to recruit from overseas if they are unable to fill a position locally. I often wonder how rigorously the Immigration Dept. checks on this. I accept that they may ask for proof of a job search having been completed etc. but surely if a company really wants a certain individual from overseas they can probably fabricate some very unique skill set that just isn't providable by anybody else. Read more »

Working Visa to HK


I have an HK company in Hong Kong for the last 6 years.

The company is successful company, but until recently I have lived abroad, therefore I did not need working Visa.

I want to move to HK.

I have checked with immigration and I have understand that I can do investment Visa, but as I do not know how to do it.

Is it enoguh that I have hte company ?

What should I do to get a visa ?




Visas for Dependents



My company may offer me a job in Hong Kong, in which case they will sort out my visa but I worry about my partner. I know depedents of those with visas can work, but what is the definition of dependent? Do you have to be married, as we are not.  

dependent visa


I recently applied for dependent visa on 1st Jan  and already received the reference number yesterday.

Does anyone here know how long approximately before I receive the letter of visa? will I receive a letter for visa or will it be an interview appointment?

Is there a way to check the reference number online?


Staying in Hong Kong

Apologies for adding to the queries re visa issues but... here's my situation:-

I've been working for some months in Hong Kong. My visa/work permit is about to expire, my boss has not taken any real action to get it renewed (he's a bit of a procratinator, shall we say?) and matters are coming to a head in the office anyways that makes it so that I don't want to work much longer for him. Read more »

Getting a Job in HK

I am a 26 year old Chartered Accountant from Melbourne Australia looking to move to Hong Kong and work.

I dont have a HK ID as my parents were already naturalised in Australia at the time of my birth so i will have to look for a company to sponsor my visa.

Im having a little difficulty at the moment as most recruitment agencies i am dealing with aren't really considering me as i am not in the country or they think its too much of a logistical hassle for them.

As the recruiters aren't really helping me at the moment im not sure whether i should: Read more »

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