dependent visa


I recently applied for dependent visa on 1st Jan  and already received the reference number yesterday.

Does anyone here know how long approximately before I receive the letter of visa? will I receive a letter for visa or will it be an interview appointment?

Is there a way to check the reference number online?


dependent visa

There is no fixed rule because every applicant is different and it really depends on your circumstances.

If you are the spouse of a permanent resident, the whole visa process rarely takes longer than a few weeks (usually two) unless the ImmD have reason to believe that your marriage is not a real one. In which case you will be called for an interview and have to provide supporting documents to prove your relationship is true etc

If you are married to a work visa holder, then it can take a little bit longer, though not much. Again, unless they believe the marriage to be suspicious they rarely call people in for interviews.

As for checking online. No, you can't do it. You could perhaps contact them by email or phone but they usually state on the confirmation document (i.e. the one you have received with your reference number) that contacting them to inquire can delay the process.