Permanent Resident Employment 'Rights'

You read a lot about employers only being allowed to recruit from overseas if they are unable to fill a position locally. I often wonder how rigorously the Immigration Dept. checks on this. I accept that they may ask for proof of a job search having been completed etc. but surely if a company really wants a certain individual from overseas they can probably fabricate some very unique skill set that just isn't providable by anybody else. Read more »

Getting a Job in HK

I am a 26 year old Chartered Accountant from Melbourne Australia looking to move to Hong Kong and work.

I dont have a HK ID as my parents were already naturalised in Australia at the time of my birth so i will have to look for a company to sponsor my visa.

Im having a little difficulty at the moment as most recruitment agencies i am dealing with aren't really considering me as i am not in the country or they think its too much of a logistical hassle for them.

As the recruiters aren't really helping me at the moment im not sure whether i should: Read more »

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