Help wanted please.


 My name is David Harris and in a few months l will be going to Hong Kong for a holiday.I have never been before but am drawn there more than any other place.

 I would like to find a job out there and stay for a long time.At present l run a chemical tanker depot in Manchester,England which repairs and cleans out the tankers.I have run this deot for over a year now but want a change and just moving to the next company does not really interest me.If l am to make a change it has to be big...and so here l am...looking at this site,my first one,for some advice.

 I am 37,healthy,single and own my own house so would have around £30k to play with if l sold it.I would be looking for something to do with tankers (repairs,testing etc) as this has been my main job for about 13 years and l am very good at it.I don't have a degree or any qualifications just experience.With this l am able to turn my hand to most things.So if there were other jobs not in this area l would still be interested.

Any advice will be gratefully received.

Thank you


Tanker depot work

Hello David,

It's not a job I know anything about, so I can only make some general suggestions:

 - Does your company, or any of your competitors, have branches in Hong Kong that you could contact?

 - Do any of the companies you service in the UK have operations in Hong Kong? Can you get your contacts at those companies' UK offices to introduce you to helpful people in Hong Kong that you could meet and talk to when you visit? They probably won't be able to get you a job, but may at least be able to give you ideas about the local market here, and suggest who to contact.

 - Following on from the above idea, what type of companies have fleets of tankers that need your servicing? What are the names of those companies in Hong Kong? Can you find contact details, again looking to meet them when you visit.

I'd say it's a long shot to find this type of work, but that's the approach I'd take, using google to try and track down likely companies. Also start telling everyone you know and meet about yourplans, in case they can give any suggestions.

Also once you have a clear idea of the type of person / company you're looking for, ask for advice on how to get in touch with them on the local expat sites like AsiaExpat and GeoExpat. They have a larger number of local readers, so you'll have a better chance of someone reading your post that knows about your field of work.

Good luck, MrB