Chances of Getting a Work Visa

I have recently been offered a job in Hong Kong in a medium-sized company with branches in Asia and consisting of mainly expats. They are now in the midst of applying for my work visa. I do not have prior work experience in the field however I had more than 5 years of working experience. I only hold a Diploma in Business but had working experience in Asia and China. However, I do hold some certificates on Finance which is the industry I'll be working for. Although I understand language is not the main issue here but I do speak fluent English, Mandarin and Cantonese. What are the chances of getting a visa?

Applying for a work visa

Very high I should think! :D

Seriously, for most people, getting the job offer -- especially when the company knows it has to apply for a work visa for you -- is the most difficult part.

Thanks. I was getting

Thanks. I was getting worried because the company kept emphasising getting the visa may be the biggest hurdle although they never had rejections before. Think they are trying to prepare me for the worst scenario. Still, I can't help worrying.

Good Luck

I think your company is merely being prudent - after all this is the part of the process which is out of their control, the actual approval of the work permit. 

 I'd say your case is probably pretty good, especially as they haven't had rejections.  Immigration seems to take an overall picture of things rather than look at applications in isolation.  It's not just you being evaluated, they look at the viability of the company you're going to.

 Good luck!

Thanks I feel well relieved

Thanks I feel well relieved now :)

Let's hope I receive the good news soon.