How to include photos from Batgung in your text

Here's a new feature to make it easier to include batgung's photos in your text. Currently you can include photos in new places, forum topics, or comments. Note that you have to be logged in to use this feature.

Here's how it works. You start by creating your text as normal. Here we are writing a new forum topic:

On the bar below the body text I've circled the camera button. Click in the text area to place your cursor where you want to add a photo, then click the camera button.

You should see this window pop up.

To the right of the 'Browse images:' at the top of the window, you'll see a dropdown list showing which photos you are looking at. By default it is set to 'My Images', and the window shows the photos you have uploaded. The most recently uploaded photos are shown first. I can use the links below the photos to see pages of older photos.

If you click on the dropdown list you'll see there are other options.  Here we've chosen to see all photos on the site.

With several hundred to look at, it could take a long time to find the one you are looking for, so click on the dropdown list again. You can choose photos from an individual gallery - here we've chosen to see photos from the 1950s gallery.

Or if you scroll further down the list, you can see all photos that have been tagged with a certain tag. Here we're looking at all photos that have been tagged with 'Botanical gardens'.

When you've found the photo you are looking for, click the photo, and you'll see this window.

Most times you can ignore the options on this screen, and just click on one of the three buttons:

  1. Insert - insert the photo into the text
  2. Start over - if you chose the wrong photo, and want to choose another
  3. Cancel - return to the text without inserting the photo

You may want to change the size however. The default is a 'Thumbnail', a small version of the photo. Choose 'Preview' for a larger version.

You can also change the alignment, to control where the photo appears on the line. I recommend you choose 'none', which makes it easier to lay out the page.

When you've made any changes you want to, click 'insert', and you'll be returned to the page where you were editing your text. You'll see a yellow box marking where the photo will appear. In the example below I've used the camera button again to add a second photo, with both set to the Thumbnail size.

When you've finished, click 'submit' as usual, to see the finished version with your photos.

Note that the reader can click on the photos to see the larger version.

Let us know if you have any questions,