I can't find normal tasting "fresh milk"!

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Perhaps a trivial issue to discuss.. but I've been in HK for 4 months, and haven't been able to find a normal tasting milk to drink. I didn't think my milk tastes were that difficult.. just looking for some normal milk w/ 1% - 2% milk fat.

I quickly realized milk in HK is only really differentiated as either "fresh milk" or the stuff where they add water to the powdered milk and put it in a carton. But now I'm confused.. even the cartons which are labelled "fresh milk" show "water and modified milk solids" in ingredients. The young store clerks at 7-11 also insist that everything that they sell is "fresh milk" but I really question if this is so.

I have little interest in "modified milk solids" and have found that even "fresh milk" seems to have a strange aftertaste.

Anybody have recommendations for me?


sympathy... but no milk

Hmm, I've forgotten what the proper stuff is supposed to taste like. I share the same suspicion about cartons that call themselves a 'milk drink', but have turned to the dark side and now pour malted soya milk on my cornflakes in the morning.

I suffered several years of not-quite-right kellog's cornflakes when I first arrived in Hong Kong. Then I worked out that the small packets that had Chinese writing on were made in Malaysia, where they must prepare them a bit differently. The secret is to buy the big boxes that are made in the UK, US, or Australia, and taste jussstt right.

Don't give up the quest!



I too was confounded by the Milk Solids bit on Fresh Milk Cartons.
I have found the milk in little glass containers from Kowloon Dairy to be delicious.

I think you can get them at City Super and other markets that cater to expats.

good luck

Have you tried Trappist?

I think I tried to post this before...

Have you tried Trappist milk? It is locally produced (I think) and you can get it in returnable glass bottles.

If you don't care for that - I guess the next best thing is UHT.

Trappist Milk

I'm with you on that one skmama, it definitely has a 'creamy' taste.

Very VERY hard to beat 'real milk', when I'm in the UK I always have some full cream jersey milk!!

Milk Quest

Thanks for everyone' suggestions! It's somewhat comforting to know that other people share the same odd problems as I do, living in HK.

I really like those expat supermarkets.. like Olivers at Prince Buildng in Central. However, I really did a double take last week when I saw microwave pasta dinners for $49.90! haha..

Happy Holidays

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I am also unlucky so far to find the so called "Perfect Milk". Kowloon Dairy Milk and all other tried. No Private Dairy Farms supplying very FRESH milk in HK? Has anyone seen a Dairy on nearby islands? Thanks!!!

No Cows = No milk

In response to seeing a dairy in HK.. i would have to say nope. In fact, now that I think of it, I haven't seen a single cow since I've come to HK!

BTW I've taken to giving Trappist another chance...and am slowly getting used it to. I wouldn't suggest the "Hi Calcium Low Fat" kind though (green cap) - it tastes a little funky. Or maybe i picked up an expired one!

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an australian brand called

an australian brand called "pura" (not sure) has good milk. esp. good in lattes.

Hasn't anybody tried the

Hasn't anybody tried the Australian milk?

I'm convinced the milk is different tasting due to the breed of cow that grows in Southern China.

I go for Masters brand. It's similar to the milk back in UK. Not quite the same but definitely more palatable than the local brands. I've seen it at Wellcome (certain stores) and at CitySuper.

trappist milk

do they have home delivery service for trappist milk to Kowloon? How could I contact them?

Trappist dairy products

Hi there,

The monastery had out-sourced their dairy product business some years ago. There are no more cows in the monastery these days. Their dairy products are available in leading Supermarkets and convenient stores like 7-11 these days.

Try to go to those bigger stores.

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Cows in Hong Kong

"I haven't seen a single cow since I've come to HK!"

Try doing some hiking -- especially on Tap Mun Chau. You'll see plenty of cows alright! ;b

Back to milk: That which comes in small glass bottles taste the best -- and are what I drink when I want to drink milk. However, to put into my morning coffee, am satisfied with the Kowloon Dairy or Trappist milk in small cartons.

Milk and Cows

Please allow this outsider to join in.
I love milk that comes in a glass bottle and remember the very few bottles I had many years ago in Hong Kong. My taste buds and nose were working much better in those days.
The higher the fat content, the better the milk tastes. Here in Canada, the 2 percent milk is the better seller, followed by the 1 percent, and next homogenius (whole or 3.25 perent). 50 years ago homo milk was most popular by far but today people worry about high fat intakes.
Wai Kee Dairy was once located just below Good Hope School on the north side of Clear Water Bay Road. After school, walking through the pasture and saying hello to the cows was a joy. Had Beethovan been there, he would have written additional versions of the Sixth Symphony. I wish your readers success in finding a cow farm. It is worth the time going there.