The Menus of Meaninglessness

We Batgung just keep coming at you with new features. First it was the Signs of Shame, and now it's the Menus of Meaninglessness. Mr B has again been scouring the lower tier of Hong Kong eateries. A little more of the spiced donkey, sir? These and many other delicacies await at the Beijing dumpling restaurant in Wanchai.

Here are our first two entries, spotted by Mr B. In the first, everything's going all right with the Cheegay, whatever that might be, until we reach the sixth item . . . .

And next we've got an illuminating item, right front and center!

If you've got any contributions, let the batgung know!


Funny Signs

I've come across a few silly signs.

From Mui Wo - Pui OFrom Mui Wo - Pui O 

Thanks for the signs,

I feel fully considerated.

And I'm sure Phil is pleased to see that all roads lead to Tai Po!

Cheers, MrB

Tai Po

No wonder I can never find my way out of this godforsaken town!!!

Cheers for the laugh though, but shouldn't that sign read "No smoking OR Pissing"? - I may have found a loophole in the wording that would get me off a prison sentence and/or large fine :-)

Dodgy Menus

Those are great, but the following makes me cry with laughter every time:


Dodgy indeed

Excellent link - I think it sets the standard against which all future dodgy menus shall be judged.