We're looking for a new home

25 Sep, 13:57 UPDATE

If you can read this, you're looking at batgung.com running on the new hosting company's servers.

Everything should be back to normal, but please let us know if you find anything broken. We have a 30-day trial with the new company, so if there are any problems (pages displaying much slower than before, pages not displaying, features broken, etc.) let's find them early on.

25 Sep, 09:33 UPDATE

The site is now read-only : you can see everything, but can't add anything new or make changes. It will stay like this until we've moved to the new server, hopefully later today.

Our site was offline for most of today. The hosting company suspended our account for using too many resources. The batgung site has got too busy for the shared server account we currently use.

We've been allowed to bring it back online, and have made a few changes that will hopefully reduce the load on their server. Most obviously the 'What's New' block on the left is disabled, but you can still check what's new on the Recent Posts page.

We'll likely need to change to a new hosting plan and / or hosting company in the next few days, and will be able to set things back to normal then.


I am not at all surprised by

I am not at all surprised by the high traffic on this site. It is a very high quality forum and is the best kept secret in HK. I only discovered the site a year ago though I have been here for almost 2 years. Not only is the information interesting and relevant, I really like how the data is being organized.  From book recco to HK history, from cost of living comparison to searching for a school, it is all here. This is the gold standard of web sites. Hats off to MrB and MrT for maintaining the quality of this gem. Many blogs go downhill after a while. I would be happy to pay a subscription fee...Have you floated that idea?  THANK YOU and keep up the great work!

And we're back

I've only noticed a couple of silly mistakes on my part so far, but having put those right it seems a bit faster than before. I hope that continues.

Sophia, thanks for the support, and thanks to the others who got in touch by email to offer help. I think we're ok on the money side for now, as the new hosting company has a better arrangement for us, and at not such a big jump in price as the other company was asking for.

Other help we're always grateful for is if you can introduce the site to anyone you think would enjoy it, and of course please keep adding your comments, posts, places and photos to the site.

Cheers, MrB