Only in Hong Kong!

Had an experience today that really made me realize how wonderful my new home can be.

I left my wallet on the 680 bus late Thursday night, and didn't realize it until I was on the way to the Airport for my weekly trip to Shantou in the PRC the next morning.

Within 12 hours of the loss of the wallet, most of which was overnight, the following had happened:

1. Someone found it
2. Turned it into the police
3. The Shatin police figured out from my employee ID card where I worked and called my employers at CUHK
4. The wallet had been returned

Got the wallet back in China today. Contents? HK$800, several hundred RMB, various credit cards, HKID, drivers license, all intact to the penny.

The combination of honesty and efficiency, and in a place that doesn't find it necessary to practice public caning or the chopping off of hands to keep the peace, really floored me. I've traveled and lived all over the world, but can't imagine quite this set of circumstances occuring anywhere else I've ever been.

Anyway, just a little tale to brighten your day, next time you're feeling done in by our amazing city!