What jobs are available without college ed. and with livable income in HK?

Hi, I recently dropped out of college in NY and am basically sick of living here in the US. I want to move to HK to start a new life and devote it mostly to Kung Fu. Just wondering what types of jobs are available and if it is hard to find a job if you have not much or no education. Can I produce a livable income, enough to support myself in a cheap apartment and have enough money to join a Kung Fu school?

The hard part is getting the

The hard part is getting the visa.

Unless you have some fairly unique skills, you will find it difficult to persuade a company to sponsor you for a visa if you don't have any qualifications.

Good luck, MrB

and harder still...

for the Immigration Department to see a reason to grant a visa!!


As long as you know english

As long as you know english you can make lots of money. You can tutor HK students english and you can make lots of money.


If English is your native language, you can get work as an English tutor. But, you'll still need to get that visa, and the local language colleges that advertise for staff typically expect you to have at least a TEFL / TESOL qualification.

If anyone has managed to find an employer willing to get them a visa as a teacher/tutor, we'd love to hear any advice you might have for other people trying to do the same.

Regards, MrB

It's pretty easy to pick up

It's pretty easy to pick up work teaching english to kids in local private kindergardens or even business english to adults. I know many young westerners (18-25) who come out to HK for a year or so (or longer) to do that. Many are without a college degree. For those who come from abroad they are here without work visas and therefore it's illegal of course but clamping down on these kinds of felons is not really high on the police's agenda. All you need to do is to make sure you leave HK every 3 months or so to renew your tourist visa. Typical going rate is around HK$15,000 per month and you can supplement this income by advertising in supermarkets / estates / or quietly pinching students from your tutorial center (many will be keen for you to teach them 1 to 1 as it will cost them less than they pay for group sessions) etc. Pretty boring work to do of course but it's quite easy and the money is good. If you're really serious about coming over here then I'd say go for it dude.

Teacher's job for college drop out

Yeh, sure. Probably Kung Fu School may have this special vacancy. Dear, there are no jobs here without a good qualification and sound experience. Come on a visitor's visa, get to know here and then take a decision.

teaching in HK

www.emb.gov.hk has information about the NET scheme.

Seems a MA is not a prerequisite, but a provincial teaching certificate, IE the certificate that let's you teach primary or secondary school in your own country IS.

As other posters have commented you may be able to get kindergarten work (exhausting,let me tell you, but if thats your cup of tea,guess its ok?) or private tuition work, but you still need that all important visa. Basically, you got to have the full qualifications.

Best of luck.

Is it tough teaching in

Is it tough teaching in national schools in Hong Kong? I heard from friends that Hong Kongers are workaholics. The problem with the NET scheme is that it's a contractual post and not a full civil service post.

pnet scheme

think www.pnets.org is one site about teaching in hong kong (pnet scheme)

I was reading the hong kong section of www.eslcafe.com, in the forums they have tons of information about the pnet scheme.

It seems a degree relevant to English and TEFL certificate plus some experience is enough for PNET. Could anyone confirm this please?


It is pretty easy to get

It is pretty easy to get work in HK teaching english to kids / adults, WITHOUT possessing a university degree or work visa. I know many people who have done this and while I acknowledge that most english teachers here have a BA and a work visa this is not uniformly the case. Naturally if you wish to work for the British Council or other reputable organization which will page you a decent wage you would require both plus several years of experience but there are many, many small tuition centers around town, particularly in Kowloon / NT , who employ young westerners without degrees or work visas. They (the tuition center and the people you will teach!) just want a white face basically. The salary would not be great ($12,000 - $15,000 full time) and these centers can be quite unreliable at times when it comes to paying their staff on time, but there are many young westerners - most are on a gap year between secondary school and college, but i know of others well into their 20s without degrees who are doing the same - in HK doing this type of work. Of course it is illegal to work without the proper work visa and I do not wish to encourage people to break the law but it is relatively easy to get round this by simply leaving HK every three months (when entering HK most people with western passports get a 3 month tourist visa), if only to Shenzhen or Macau, to renew your visa.

Visa renewals

Last I heard, you couldn't count a trip to Macau or Shenzhen as qualifying for a new visa upon re-entry into Hong Kong. Has there been a change?

"What jobs are available

"What jobs are available without college ed. and with livable income in HK?"

Not many, trust me. Sure there are plenty of HK residents with no college education who make "livable income", but as a foreigner, someone with no education or language skills is basically a liability to HK. Companies risk huge fines for illegally employing you etc. Plus, look at how most people live in HK.. they live with their parents until they are married, and that's not all just a cultural thing. Without income coming in from everyone, even HK families would struggle with the cost of living here. My flat in HK is not what I would consider luxury, in fact it's small and old, but it still costs nearly double what I was paying per month back in southern California for a place about four times as large. Living here isn't cheap, you can reduce costs here and there, but the cost of living here is much higher than compare to say... Thailand ;)

Hi, thanks so much to

Hi, thanks so much to everyone for all the information. I'm going to save it all and look into going in about a year or two. I'm back in college and will hopefully finish my associates after the spring semester, then save up for my trip to HK. I also have the complete cantonese pimsleur learning course which teachese language through audio cds. This could really help, and especially if I were to teach English to the kids...thanks a lot for that suggestion as I may just end up doing it.

Thanks for the update

Thanks for the update, and good luck with the studies and Cantonese.


Another option you may want

Another option you may want to consider is Taiwan. Tons of foreigners there doing the teach-study thing. Finding work is easy (with VISA); housing is a LOT cheaper; and plenty of martial arts schools.

Anyway, something to think about.

Al, the website you refer to

Al, the website you refer to is dead!
The one you want is www.hkpnets.org