Accomodation in Hong Kong

We are planning go to Hong Kong Travel on August 2007. Our group huv 6 to 8 person. So need to find some short term Apartment to rent around 5 to 6 nights. Did have any indro?

Thank you

There are some apartments

listed here. Though I'm not sure if they will rent for such a short time.

We have friends visiting at the moment, and found it was difficult to get a hotel room where they would let more than three people (the friends are a couple & two young children) stay in the room. We didn't have any trouble a few years back, so I'm not sure if this is a recent change.

They could get a corporate rate and so ended up staying at the Marriott, where there are rooms with two double beds that can fit them all in easily. For a more affordable option both BP International House and YMCA have family rooms.


The guest houses in Tsim Sha

The guest houses in Tsim Sha Tsui sound like the sort of place you want. Not the most salubrious of accomodation, but I've seen a few and they were ok for a night. They're normally a few or three hundred dollars per night for two or three beds in a small room. Try Mirador Mansions, tenth floor.

Or you could try Chungking Mansions if you're brave.

Good suggestion for cheap accomodation

They are small, simple rooms, but clean and cheap, and fine if you don't expend to spend much time in the rooms apart from sleeping.

I'd also recommend Mirador Mansions as a much better choice than Chung King Mansions, and it's only a few blocks away up Nathan Road.I stayed at Chungking mansion for a few days when I first arrived in Hong Kong, then moved to Mirador Mansion where I stayed a few weeks before I found a flat to rent.

The place I stayed in Mirador was called Man Hing Lung. I see they are still around and now have a website. If you google for 'hong kong guest house' you'll find plenty more.