What is considered expat?

Hi there,

I'm an ethnic Chinese here in a little coastal city of Geelong in Melb, Australia.

I'm very tempted to go back to HK for a cultural exchange, as I feel like a little bit of a tool not really understanding my own heritage.

If I ever do go back, what would I be classed as? HK Citizen (I was born there but I have no recollections of that place)? Aussie citizen? Or a certain extent a 'gwai lo' and oblivious to local customs?

What's your comments?

Btw, I'm studying Social Work :)


Welcome to the bandwangon! Good to hear someones living downunder! I've lived in Melb for longer than i could remember i'm 20 but recently moved to HK with parents and am studying post-grad psychology in one of the HK university. I'd say u'll classifeld urself as an ABC (Australian born Chinese) maybe. but I'm over with all these classifications is all good! When are u plannin to head up here? catchya around A.J.

plan to be in HK at around

plan to be in HK at around September next year :S

I don't know. Deakin University is quite confusing. Half the time they don't know what they're doing themselves.

Are there any sites dedicated to meeting fellow Aussies around our age in HK?

Dear ABC, I think once

Dear ABC,

I think once you've settled into HK, you'll find lots and lots of Aussies your age working in HK - especially those who are probably similar to you in that they were born in HK but are really true bananas.

I'm citing personal experience on this one - I was born in HK but grew up in Canada, returning to HK to work only about 6 months ago. I got a job at a large international company here in HK after graduation, and I was surprised at how many ABCs, BBCs, and CBCs there were in my work place.

If you're planning to make this a long-term cultural exchange, my advice is try to find a job/ internship with a company which has a bit of an international reach, and you can be reasonably assured to find many fellow aussie friends there.

Good luck!