child-friendly hotel?

can anyone here help?
we are coming back to hong kong for a two-week visit (at the most) in october with my son,wife, and their two year old.
we want to stay at a child-friendly hotel.Last time we stayed at the ritz carlton,which was fine - but we didnt have my grandson
with us.
any suggestions appreciated.
Greg Fripp

Greg, glad to hear you're

Greg, glad to hear you're paying HK another visit.

I don't think you'll have trouble at any of the hotels - so it's not as though you'd find any that are "child unfriendly". We had friends visiting last month, who stayed at the Marriott with their 3- & 5-year old girls. They had a lovely stay, even though the Marriott could be considered more of a business hotel.

They enjoyed the pool, so that could be something to look out for if your grandson enjoys splashing around. Also the three hotels in Pacific Place (Marriott, ShangriLa, Conrad) are right next to Hong Kong Park, which your grandson would probably enjoy too. If a park sounds good, other options would be to choose a hotel in Causeway Bay (eg The Park Lane) that is near Victoria Park, or in Tsim Sha Tsui that is near Kowloon Park. All those parks have plenty of open space to let toddlers run off some energy, and have childrens' playgrounds suitable for children your grandson's age.

Regards, MrB

child-friendly hotel

Thank you very much for your constructive comments on hotels. Much appreciated, its probably my last visit.

Is Fiona still in HK?

I will let you know which hotel we pick.

Greg Fripp

Yes, Fiona's still around,

Yes, Fiona's still around, and posted earlier this month.

Glad you found the hotel tips handy. I'll put up a summary of our friends' visit in a couple of weeks time, to give other visitors with young children some ideas of what to see. That might be helpful for your visit too.

While you're on the site, please can I ask you to take a look at one of those great photos you sent us, and see if you can remember where it was taken? We've struggled to think of anywhere similar in Hong Kong.

Cheers, MrB