After school

I heard one half of a frightening conversation this morning, with a power-mum talking loudly into her mobile phone :
- Hi, is that Helen's mum ?
- Yes, Andrew would love to come along to the party. Also, Andrew was wondering if Helen could come over for some play time ?
- Great, so when would she be available ? Only Andrew's schedule is really tight at the moment, and Tuesday is the only day he has any free time...

I'm guessing the children in question are probably around 3-5 years old - is it normal to have life so planned out at that age ? I have fond memories of coming home from school, eating a quick evening meal, then dashing out to run around with friends until summoned home complaining when it was time for bed.

That was the daily routine, apart from cub-scouts once a week. But it sounds like BabyB is going to need her own FiloFax (sorry, PDA these days) ...


Finding friends

I think it depends on where you live. In my housing estate there are a lot of kids. They all go out to meet and play in the play ground between about 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm (when the heat is less debilitating, and the older ones have homework done).

I have a friend in a village near Shatin whose kids have been going out to play independently since they were about 4 years old.

But, if you live in a highrise w/ less space for kids to meet up and play; or your kids make friends at school and cannot converse w/ their neighbors, then I suppose the parents have to arrange the so-called "play dates".

As for the kids tight schedules - it is pretty frightening what some kids have. But I have to admit that my kids have 1 to 2 scheduled activities a week, not counting Sunday School.

Re:After school

SKM, yes, maybe it is more to do with the difference between growing up in a city and growing up in a small town, rather than HK vs UK.

Or maybe I've just reached that age where I've started talking about "the good old days", and younger people roll their eyes !!