hello im new here, :P

but i've been living in HK for years now. Theres only one downside I can see to living in Hong Kong and that is food, or lack of it.

I don't live on HongKong island and there are no specialty stores like Olivers where I live. I can say that I havent had a real cod in batter or steak and kidney pie since I came to asia. Even things like real sausages and burgers are hard to find here.
And a bad day was when Wendy's left HK to leave us with McDonalds- ugh

What do you think of food in hk?


You only have to wander down Wan Chai, lockhart rd, to find some pubs that would cater to your craving for pub-grub. There are also more available around HK/Kowloon/Islands which do fish/chips, steak/pies etc.
Or try looking in m&S.

As for the blanket statement, "Lack of food in HK". Are you joking with all the types of cuisine around in this city? In case you haven't realised, you're in Asia and UK food doesn't rank too highly here!


:D thxs!