Not sure whether you guys visited the Lo Wu Checkout often

Before the immigration checkout was refurbished...
I noticed all the sign behind the PRC counter...

"No standing behind the yellw line" :wink:

Crossing the border

Hi CrystalAngel;

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I have to admit I never noticed that sign. Whenever I've crossed at Lo Wu, I've always been too busy with other things. I remember one time I was going to visit friends in China, and I had a videotape of Mrs Tall and my wedding to show them. This tape was of great interest at Customs! Several agents went off with the tape, no doubt hoping to find some hot porno action or something. I figured they'd be very disappointed, since the video was wedding only -- no honeymoon! But after about half an hour one agent returned, handed the video back to me carefully, then looked me in the eye and said:

"This! This is MARRIAGE."

I couldn't have agreed more.

Mr Tall


Yeah I know how these things happen. Even until now you have to be very careful which kind of Hong Kong newspaper and magazines you brought with you to Hong Kong.

Once I was going on a tour in China and with me a Glamour magazine UK edition. In the custom they searched my bag and found the magazine. Fearing of any "indecent" content, they took away the magazine, it just happened that Britney Spear was the cover girl of the issue, the custom guy smiled, gave me my bag back and returned it to me.