Batgung banners collage

Batgung banners collage


very nice

I really like these!  Are they cropped or are they done with a photo stitch?

crop & stitch

Hi Gweipo, glad to hear you like them. It's fun to keep an eye out for a photo that will fit the shape of the banner.

Most of them are cropped from larger images. Usually from a picture taken with a banner in mind, though occasionally I've just been looking through recent photos and spotted something that will fit.

Looking through the banners gallery, I can see four that were stitched:

I just used the stitching software that came with the camera. It's simple but works well. If you click one of the links above you'll also see scrolling panoramas. Well you should do except I see they aren't working at the moment! They were created with hugin and displayed with ptviewer, both of which are open source software.

Cheers, MrB

Panoramas are working again

At least I hope they are - if you can't see them please let me know.

Some notes for anyone else trying to display partial panoramas. I originally used the ROI approach with a copy of ptviewer 2.8. When it works it works well, but I found the viewer would seem to stop and start working seemingly at random. When I looked in the web server logs I'd see that when it wasn't working, the requests for the jpeg files would show a number of bytes that was different from the size of the file. I spent a lot of time trying to find the answer, but eventually stumbled on a much easier approach.

The 'pfov' parameter is a much easier way to define a partial parameter. To use that you need a copy of ptviewer 3.1.2, as it isn't supported by earlier versions. This version has its own quirks - it doesn't scroll images as smoothly as 2.8, and if you set an invalid value for pan or tilt it assumes they are zero. On the other hand it seems to work the same way every time, so that's what I'm using for now.