naming problems

After going in a nightmare, I decided to share my experience here.

5 Months ago my daughter was born. Since my wife was still recovering from the pregnancy, I went alone to register my daughters name. We had already decided a name and we also wanted a middle name to represent a chinese name. Due to misunderstanding the officer told me I cannot add a chinese name to the Birth certificate because the surname was not chinese. I do not have a chinese name so far. Well everything was ok, we applied for ID and HK Passport.

 Everything was fine until we wanted to apply for china return permit. The CTS told us that you cannot apply for home return permit if there is no chinese name. well I told them, then give me a visa. "You cannot have china visa on your HK passport" the CTS officer replied.  I was in Kwun tong with my wife and daughter,  I was really upset.  We have a passport that we can use to go anywhere except china..! I did not have time to apply for a seperate passport from my country since I thought it was not necesary.

Then my wife had to go to YauMatai to check for the Birth registry to change the name (somehow the officer told her, my daughter can have a chinese name). Then we had another problem. The word we wanted to add in chinese has many variations. apparently not all of them is accepted by CTS, so my wife had to move to and fro to make sure the chosen word will not create any rejection from CTS.

well we have to pay to change the documents (for the Birth certificate, my wife had to argue to the officer since they had told me that I cannot add a chinese name. finally they accepted that it may be their mistake and we do not need to pay for the change)

Has anyone had  the same problems before?

IF CTS service need a chinese name to issue "home return permit", why does the HK govt allow people to have ID and passport without chinese names. this could have save us lot of trouble, time and $.